My training & mentors 

Martin Achenbach

1993 The Warrior’s Wisdom, Stuart Wilde
1994 Warriors in the Mist, Stuart Wilde
1994 Money is my Friend, Phil Laut
1994 Feng Shui I + II, Dr. Jes Lim
1995 Business Feng Shui, Dr. Jes Lim
1996 Neutrakon I (Past Life Clearing I), Dr. Jes Lim
1999–2002 Kinesiology (Three-in-One), Karin Müller
2009 Neutrakon II (Past Life Clearing II), Dr. Jes Lim
2011 Feng Shui Consultant I, Dr. Jes Lim
2011 TAO-Geomancy I, Dr. Jes Lim
2012 TAO-Geomancy II, Dr. Jes Lim
2012–2013 Lebensenergietherapeut (healer training),
Barbara Jachim
2013 Transformationswoche (Family Transformational Work), Robert Betz
2013 TAO-Geomancy III (Master), Dr. Jes Lim

I look forward to working with you and to celebrating your success!